The God’s Romantic Getaway Retreat – Know His Power in Quietness and Rest

In the busyness of life we struggle because we want to spend more time with God than time permits, and for some of us, that is a real problem. We are left feeling detached from God with our hearts pinning for precious time in His presence. In the busyness of life, we sometimes hit the snooze button several times before realising that the extra time we spend sleeping comes out of our time with God. We desire to sit with Him undisturbed, reading, listening, praying and learning, but that’s not always possible because life seems to have a schedule all of its own. There are so many things in life that place a strain on the time we desire to spend with God but this retreat will give the opportunity to change that.

This week has been designed to allow you to spend uninterrupted time with God. It is not a conference. It is 7 days tucked away with your Heavenly Father, making use of the time, space and scenery provided by Him. A Time of quiet rest and solitude to listen, absorb and digest what Father wants to share with you with no interruptions or distractions. A time to relax in His presence and wait on Him. A time to read and study to your hearts content. A quiet place away from the everyday demands of life. On this retreat, you are encouraged to shut yourself away and get alone with God. Although you will be in a group we have kept it small and chosen a venue that will allow you all the space you need to be alone. The retreat is open to couple and singles male and female.

Rest is an important part of encountering God on His schedule, so don’t be surprised if your first few days are spent sleeping, followed by more sleeping.

* Breakfast will be served between 9am-10am
* Lunch 1pm-2pm
* Dinner 6.30pm

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be catered for by chef, Jemma Regis, with dinner being a time of fellowship over a soulful meal. This will be followed by a short time of devotion and sharing led by Jemma as she discusses topics like the values and power of silent prayer, total surrender and life after your getaway. This will also be a time for members of the group to share what is on their hearts, should they wish to. Other than that your time is your own. Because this is about individuals spending quality time with God, if you are unable to join us for any of the meals at the times specified, we will cater to your needs.

Other than a short DVD and possibly a Christian film there will be no TV, and we ask that you switch off your Wi-Fi and limit any calls to a minimum. We also ask that you refrain from the use of all forms of social media.

Things To Do Before The Retreat
It is important that we prepare ourselves to come into God’s presence, and given the nature of the retreat, each person is asked to fast for a period of 21, 14 or 7 days. And we ask that your fast end the day before you arrive. Why fast? Fasting is a form of consecration, it draws us nearer to God, it involves denying self and seeking God. By fasting you would have fulfilled your part of preparing to enter the throne room. By turning up your are handing the reigns over to God. The aim is, having completed your fast, by the time you arrive and have rested for a few days, God will have your full attention and you, His.

Why seven days?
Ever since my first sabbatical which lasted three months, I’ve craved time alone with God more than ever and understand the importance of going beyond the usual 2-3 day retreats that we try to fit into our busy lifestyles. And ever since my second sabbatical that lasted two months, I’ve made a point of taking an annual trip just to be with God for a minimum of seven days. Outside of my desire to be alone with God away from everyday life, I ask myself the question:- “why can’t God get seven days? Why can’t you book annual leave and pay to go away with God your Father as you would a holiday? Why? Aside from the questions above, seven days or more are important because when you get alone with God you come fatigued and tired and need time to rest and disengage from any attachments back home, and without that rest and time to silence your flesh and spirit total surrender and hearing from God can be challenging. Retreats that last 7 days or more allows us time to rest in God’s presence, prior to entering a relaxed time of praying, reading, reflection, listening and being still with plenty of time to enjoy and digest. We are the ones that need to let go and come before God ready to receive, so the seven days is for our benefit, not His.

We have chosen a beautiful luxury grade 2 listed building with an adjacent cottage. The house is set in 15 acres of picturesque land set in the Snowdonia National Park area and is perfect for quiet, reflective prayerful walks. If you decide to venture out of your luxury bedroom, there is a living area with log fire, a large garden patio that overlooks the grounds as well as little nooks perfect for reading nestled within the building.

Prices are per room and are inclusive of meals. Where 2 people are sharing an additional cost of £50 is required to cover meals.

* Super King Size En-Suite £385 (includes £5.00 admin fee)
* King Size En-Suite £355 (includes £5.00 admin fee)
* King Size Double Room (shared bathroom) £295 (includes £5.00 admin fee)

£100 deposit by 15th July 2015, balance payable by 14th August 2015

* Check In – 4pm Friday 25th September
* Check Out – 10am Friday 2nd October

Presently individuals are being asked to make their own way by grouping together and having 2-3 drivers, sharing petrol costs. Meeting point to be advised

Tan Llan,
LL40 2ST,
United Kingdom

To book your place and pay a deposit, please email Jemma @

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