An Extraordinary Life In An Ordinary World

If there was ever a time our young people needed to draw CLOSER to God, that time is NOW. God seeks to get closer to the hearts of His children and His heart is to grab them now. The war is on between good and evil, their lives are at stake and as a parent or a responsible young adult, the question is not can you afford to find the money or time to do this, the question is in today’s world, can you really afford NOT to? This is serious times.

When I think of an Extraordinary Life in an Ordinary World …I think of a life in which ‘God in You’ can break the norms, labels and limited expectations placed upon the lives of individuals, especially young people. When I think of an Extraordinary Life in an Ordinary World, I think of a life centered on intimacy with God, a life where time is set aside outside church to actively seek and  spend quality time with Him, to be still before Him, listen to His voice, His heartbeat and absorb His intimate presence as He reveals deep secrets that lay hidden within the depths of ones being, secrets He placed there before you were formed the womb of your mother. When I think of an Extraordinary Life in an Ordinary World, I think of a life that causes the supernatural to become natural. A life steeped in steps of faith that push the boundaries of the human mind aside in order to fulfill the calling of the infinite power that lays within. A life with a heart after God’s own heart.

Very few Christian practice the example Jesus left us of purposely carving periods of time to spend with His Father. Time spent away from life, as usual, ministry and distractions, Time spent feasting and meditating on the secrets of the secret place, Time spent in intimacy with God. Baptised at the age of 13, I lost my mother at age 17 and for many years from childhood suffered from depression and a host of emotional hurts, pains, fears, and worries that came with the territory of growing up and trying to find my way in life, in church, my purpose and general happiness. I had desires, I was a Christian and believed I was in a relationship with God. I attended church, I taught Sunday school, I sang in the choir, I prayed, mostly requesting my personal desires and I read the bible rarely understanding it, I had what on the outside looked like a successful carer, but inside I was dying, and what I mistook for relationship was merely the ritual of attending church, something was missing. I spent 29 years in church before I encountered true intimacy with God, and when I did EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING changed. Since that time 6 years ago, I have managed to overcome my 35 year battle with depression, start a flourishing business, become an author, mentor, emotional health life coach, retreat host, and house group leader.

The practice of continued intimacy with God is key to being in a relationship with Him. What transpires in those moments is no different to things we read about in the bible, yes it is a real, as tangible and acceptable as that! I hear God speaking to me clearly, I know when He is leading me to take steps of faith that propel me out of my comfort zone, I’ve been whisked away on visions, been healed emotionally, but most importantly my personal relationship with Him is growing from strength to strength.   and leading me to my purpose. I am learning to live an Extraordinary Life in An Ordinary World

In this life, we have many questions, and who more than young people? Often made to feel like they have no struggles, today young people probably have more distractions, more temptations, more questions, fewer answers and need more direction that the older generation when they were their age. When was the last time you heard God speak to you? When was the last time you walked in faith? When was the last time you missed being alone with Him? When was the last time you took time out to be alone with Him? You are not too young to experience intimacy with God! You are not too young to be living an Extraordinary Life in An Ordinary World. The bible is full of teenagers as well as young men and women who through intimacy with God to just that.

An Extraordinary Life means being a king aged 8, as Josiah was of Judah…2 Kings 22.
An Extraordinary Life means fighting and winning against a Goliath, as David did no older than 16. 1st Sam 17
An Extraordinary Life means refusing to conform to the ways of the land and bow to a foreign god even if it cost you your life, like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Daniel 3
An Extraordinary life means being a virgin chosen to birth the Son of God
An Extraordinary life means being able to face your biggest fears…because there’s a bigger God in You!
An Extraordinary life means being able to celebrate your uniqueness in a world of pressures to “fit into the mold”.
In this ordinary life….age is everything….but within an Extraordinary Life…Faith is everything…and anything is possible through God!

Do you know how to be the Extraordinary you, you where created to be? Regardless of looks, mannerisms, experiences, likes and dislikes you may share with family, friends, acquaintances or even strangers, there is only ONE you. ONE unique you, created to bring to the world what only you can bring. You have the potential to be the best you can be. The world says the sky is the limit, but the Word of God boldly states  “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us” Eph3:20.

If you can think it, He can top it. Whatever you ask in accordance with His will, He can fulfill it and then some.

Your destiny and the answer to all your questions can be found in one person and one person only… God. God wants you, He wants your undivided attention, your time and focus so He can sit with you and speak with you, rest and relax with you. Enlighten you, heal damaged areas of your life, restore hope and most importantly dote on you.

Join us for 7 wonderful days; away from the distractions of the world, social media, peer pressure, studies, work, stress and more. Disconnect from the world and reconnect with the Word through intimacy with your Heavenly Father, interactive and intimate group sessions, one-on-one counseling sessions and much more….

This Retreat is open to all male and females up to the age of 30


The Barns Lynonshall, Herefordshire, HR5 3JN. The 5* converted barns are set in the beautiful countryside of Herefordshire.  Lyonshall is a parish in the northwest corner of the county of Herefordshire, England, and borders with Wales. Prepare to be pampered and spoilt physically, emotionally and Spiritually.


The price is £295  per person for the week. This price includes accommodation, transportation to and from the venue and food.The coach leaves London on Friday 9th at 5:30pm and departs from Herefordshire on the 16th at 10am


The Barns have been converted and kitted out to the highest standards and come with private hot tubs. Most of the rooms have single beds, however a few have Kingsize doubles, for any female friends who do not mind sharing. The rooms are made up of some twin and some family rooms, which consist of multiple single beds (3) or one kingsize bed (sleeps 2), and one single bed, these rooms will hold 3 people. All rooms have their own private bathroom. Included in the hire is towels and personal bathrobes, these are not to be removed from the site. To view the location click on link


A deposit of £100 is required to secure and the balance by January 31st 2018

To book your place or for more information contact Jemma Regis on 07956466485 or email