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God’s Romantic Getaway

I spent 29 years as a born-again Christian searching for a deeper relationship with God. Church was great, singing in the choir was fun. I believed in God, but I didn’t really know Him.

When I read the bible and compared the experiences of those I read about to my own, there was a great gulf between us. If God was the same yesterday, today, and forever, why was my life so different from theirs?

I didn’t like the distance between us. I wanted to know God with as much confidence as those I read about. I wanted to ask Him everyday questions and hear Him answer me. I wanted to recognise His voice when He spoke to me. I wanted to experience God as close to me as a living human being standing next to me. I wanted to be good enough for Him to love me.

The book covers a 12-year span of my life, with the main feature being centered around a two-month trip taken in March 2011. From the very first line, I keep things real, honest, and transparent. The rollercoaster ride of my search for intimacy with God. The breakup of my relationship and wedding being cancelled. The unexpected call to ministry and walking away from my career. My thirty-five-year battle with depression and near breakdown that almost cost me my life. All going on while saved, sanctified, and on my way to heaven.

Church taught me a lot of things but it did not teach me how to be or experience intimacy with God. It taught me how to pray, but not how to listen, how to dance, but not how to be still.

At the peak of my search for more of God, I was desperate, depressed, and scared. Desperate to find Him, depressed by my failed attempts and scared I would be disappointed.

I’m not sure there are enough words to describe supernatural encounters with God. Words like “awesome, amazing, took my breath away, blew my mind and out of this world” have been used to describe events that do not come close to what I experience, and yet I am limited to their use.

How and when God got me to Himself, saved, and changed my life. Simply put God had me, an ordinary person like me all to himself alone behind closed doors and I experienced was more than what I had read in the bible. Everyone that has read my book, has commented, they want what I found. I went searching for God, but I met with God.

Hearing the voice of God audibly when you are sat alone in a room, is scary, not scared scary, Goldy reverence scary. You are really real scary, I dare not turn around scary. Sitting in silence for a week being taught by God how to be still is something I am still trying to get my head around. I literally sat alone with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in silence and was able to tell the difference between the three, yet when they spoke (in silence) they all shared the same temperament and released the same unexplainable peace.

I unlearned and learned. I let go and was healed. I was exposed yet protected. Out of my comfort zone yet I was comfortable. “I was supernaturally romanced by God”

God’s Romantic Getaway is Jemma’s portrayal of her journey to arrive at this new place in life, experiencing supernatural intimacy with God, and she keeps it authentically real for the reader.

Her book tackles personal subjects such as depression, loneliness, suicidal tendencies, loss, and hopelessness, as well as total surrender, acceptance, joy, intimacy with God and more. Her experiences, prayers, and revelations are brought to life throughout its pages. This book will challenge and empower you, as you witness her journey into a deeper relationship with God and the lengths to which she was willing to go to find it. You are invited to join her, connect and relate to the challenges of her life journey.

Jemma’s goal is to offer you encouragement while you face adversity; she paints a clear and precise picture of one of the greatest love stories ever told. She went looking for life, what she found was a love and intimacy like no other. A love and intimacy that has since captivated her heart, mind, and soul, changed and saved her life and is having the same affect on its readers.

Her testimony is two-fold Through her story, she wants you to know that God will not only deliver you, but He will also fight to hold unto you. Her message to you is that your strength lies in the depth of your intimacy with God.

Some Book Reviews

“I first thought the book would be centered around the life of the author, mainly her experience, her testimony, but as I began to read, I saw experiences of my own life being described in many of the chapters, I found myself replacing her name with mine! And I broke down many, many times.”

Judy Regis, London, UK

“My wife got this book and I decided to take a look. I could not put it down. It felt so real and from the heart and I can say it was captivating and I have been inspired as a man to make my getaway. I am making plans to do it as I write. It is a longing to be closer to God. Thanks, Jemma for putting pen to paper.”

Kenneth L.G., Spanish Town, Jamaica

“Her journey is an inspiration to us all and brings hope especially to those trapped in cycles of depression and other mental illnesses, we can make it out too by going deeper in our pursuit of Our Father.
I look forward to what Jemma has to offer next, and my own romantic getaway with God.”

Dee, UK

“I am truly encouraged by this book, and it had provoked me to look at my own relationship with the Lord. I am going deeper, and God’s Romantic Getaway was the catalyst. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is curious about having a Romantic Getaway with God.”

Amazon Reader, UK

A Precious Stone, A Story of Love, Forgiveness and Understanding

The second book is from author Jemma Regis.  Coming Soon.

A Precious Stone, a story of love, forgiveness, and understanding, sheds much light on the damage punishments passed down from generation to generation have had on not only Jemma’s life but that of many Afro-Caribbean and African decedents, most of which stem from slavery.

In this soul-gripping book, author Jemma Regis once again bares her soul as she takes the reader back into her past, where it all began. A powerful story that in parts, will break your heart, only to have it restored by the resilience of a little gem that grew up to be a precious stone.

The book tackles subjects such as extreme physical, mental, and verbal abuse. Greif, premature adulthood, self-harm, love, sex, Christianity, depression, and restoration

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