GRG Retreat 2017 – Seek me with all your heart


you-will-seek-me-216x300Sitting on the beautiful terrace at Champneys Health Spa in Tring, I was amazed at the number of people taking time out to relax, meditate, read a good book and rest. People were laughing, sleeping or talking. What was evident from their body language and facial expressions was they had left all their cares behind and were set on making the most of the time they had carved out of their busy schedule for the purpose for which they were there.

I myself had done the same. In the midst of a crazy schedule, I had heard the voice of my Father calling and every part of my being yearned to answer the call. But I had cakes to make, deadlines to meet, writing and research that needed my urgent attention and a retreat to plan. With all that going on the last thing I had time for was to stop, rest and take the time to be still. Had I felt the pull on my soul in years past I would have opted to schedule in time with God when I had the time, but the reality is we never have the time to stop. We live in a world ruled by our enemy and he will use the smallest of things, not necessarily evil, to bring about a distraction from spending time with God, our creator.

As I lay resting, giving into the physical cry of my body, relishing in how good it felt to be able to wake up to no work and partake of the wonderful food served for breakfast lunch and dinner without having to prepare it myself, I was amazed at the realisation of how much I neglect my body for the sake of work and lack of time to nurture it in the way it so deserves. It was then God showed me the beauty, importance and transforming blessing of the God’s Romantic Getaway Retreats. At the spa, the one thing I had in abundance was uninterrupted time. With no emails to read, no phone to answer and all work left behind, I had time rest, let go and allow my body the time it needed to recuperate, and it felt absolutely wonderful. Then God’s began to show me how and why I neglect my body of what it truly needed, and it came down to “time.”

Everything we do in our every day’s lives is affected by time and often the thing that suffers the most is our time with God. Even those of us who purposely carve out time to spend with Him, reaping the wondrous benefits, that time is still affected by time, inasmuch as we often have to leave our secret place to attend to everyday duties. Likewise at church, regardless of how wonderful the service or prayer meeting may be or how free the Holy Spirit may be flowing, at some point, it is drawn to a close because of time. This also means we suffer the loss of intimacy with God. Very few people follow Jesus example of frequently residing to a solitary place for long periods of time to spend with God, His Father, and those that do share the same testimony of the precious jewels those times brings as well as the strength it adds to our daily walk with Christ. When was the last time you took time out to stop and go off somewhere so God could spend time with you?

I cannot begin to express the benefits of this practice.

What makes GRG so special is that the retreats allow individuals to come away to be with their Father creating an inner thirst for intimacy with no restraints on their time. It is not a conference with numerous speakers and sessions to attend, neither is it a casual break to recharge one’s batteries. GRG Retreats are designed specifically for individuals to come away to a quiet place, stop, slow down, rest, eat, pray, read, be still and encounter God on His terms with no interruptions. It is about God meeting you, not you meeting God. You could call it a Spiritual Spa! Other than breakfast lunch and dinner, God sets the agenda. We meet for early morning prayer and praise at 5 am, followed by breakfast. Each day there is an hour or so of teaching, all of which is subject to change as the Spirits leads.  Attendees are encouraged to make use of their surroundings by leaving all forms of social media behind and limit personal phone calls. We ask that unless you have young children at home or in the case of an emergency you refrain from using your phone. This is God’s time, It is Him saying “finally I have you all to myself, let’s go away and rest awhile. Take my hand and allow Me to lead you, to lay you down beside still waters, to restore your soul. To be intimate and do all the things I long to do with you but can’t because of time. The retreat is designed to create an inner thirst for intimacy with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A thirst that will leave you constantly craving more. A thirst that will ensure you seeking God with your whole heart, and as He promised finding Him waiting with open arms to pour out His spirit to your individual needs. It will also bring major change to your everyday Christian walk

Stowing away to solitary places is something Jesus did on a regular basis, something I do frequently, but still not enough. If this was a practice Jesus refused to neglect, ask yourself the question “why am I not following His example?” No one was busier or had a more vigorous call, job or ministry that Jesus, and as God reminded me, He found time to come away, so what I ask you the question, what is your excuse?

My first GRG experience transformed my life so much I wrote a book about it. I was left speechless at the lengths God went to to make it special and intimate, at one point I felt as though I were on a spiritual honeymoon. Not only was His loving presence so thick and apparent, everything from the venue to the location and food was of exquisite. Let me tell you, male or female you’ve not been romanced until you’ve been romanced by God! And that were not enough…Life after the getaway has been heavily impacted with intimacy and the frequent residing to solitary places so God can be alone with me.

The retreat is open to married couples and unmarried male and females.

Other than short DVD’s and possibly a Christian film there will be no TV, and we ask that you refrain from the use of social media and limit any calls to a minimum.

Friday, March 31st – Friday, April 7th, 2017

Accommodation & Payment
All inclusive 7 nights at the 5*Polpier and Penpol Mevagissey, Cornwall, with breathtaking views of the coast. Spread over two properties, these stunning houses come with luxurious spacious ensuite bedrooms, beautiful grounds, outdoor heated pool and tennis courts. The interior provides the perfect setting for peace, quiet and tranquillity, while the views will hold you spellbound. I told you God was romantic!

Prices are Prices are from £410 per person based on 2 people sharing an ensuite king size room and £699 per person for single occupancy. A 50% deposit made payable by January 31st, 2016 will secure your place and balance payable no later than February 28th, 2017. For details on how to make payment and secure your place email or call Jemma on 07956455485.

To view, the properties click on the link below

I look forward to the pleasure of your company on this amazing retreat and know without a doubt you will not only be blessed but totally transformed and become somewhat addicted to frequently residing to the solitary place, which is precisely as God intended it to be.

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