The GRG Experience truly is an experience that every child of God should and needs to experience, an practice that should go on to become a way of life.  As children of God, we should be learning from Jesus examples, implementing God’s teachings and developing a stronger supernatural relationship with our heavenly Father while living in a natural world. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why God sent His son Jesus to earth, to enter the way He did? Being the creator of all things meant He could have chosen many ways to redeem us, but He chose to send His son to live in a sinful world, to walk, talk and work in that world before dying for that world. I believe He did this so we could learn from Jesus examples, not just how to live a victorious life, but how to live an intimate victorious life. To teach us about love, intimacy and relationship with a God of love.

Luke Chapter 5:15-16 reads ‘But the news about Jesus spread all the more, and great crowds came to hear Him and to be healed of their sicknesses. But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed’.

Mark Chapter 1:35 reads ‘Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.

Here we see two practices that Jesus followed, that many of God’s children do not practice. One for our daily walk, the other a longer periodic frequent practice.  In the case of the first, many say they are too busy to come away for long periods of time to spend with God, yet Luke points out that Jesus was busy working, doing good, healing and helping people, however, He stopped what He was doing and purposely made the time to go away to be with His father. Stowing away to solitary places was something Jesus did on a regular basis, something I myself try to do as often as I can because of the benefits of my intimate encounters with God, it is something I desire to do more of.  I have found these times to be the power and foundation behind my Christian walk, my obedience, my steps of faith and the bedrock upon which my intimate relationship with God stands. Stuff happens in the secret place, that could not and would not happen anywhere else but there, and by neglecting this practice we neglect a very important part of our relationship with God – intimacy.

If this was a practice Jesus refused to neglect, a practice that caused Him to stop the good work He was doing in order to fulfil it, ask yourself the question “why am I not following His example?” No one in this world was or will ever be busier or have a more vigorous call, job or ministry than Jesus, yet He found time to come away, so once again, I ask you the question, what is your excuse?

In Mark, we see Jesus rising early in the mornings while it was still dark, some translations read, ‘before the day began’ – to go to a quiet place to spend time with His Father and pray. Again, this is something many Christian forsake for the warmth and comfort of their bed or a busy schedule centred around work. However, there is so much to be gained from the sacrifice of early morning rising. I have found implementing this enables me to literally start my day before the day begins. In the early hours of the morning, I get time to spend with God that is not met with the distractions of the day in general. I get insight on the day ahead, but most importantly, in the quiet stillness of the morning, God gets me all to Himself and visa versa,

Both examples that Jesus set us were crucial to maintaining an intimate relationship with God while He walked on earth. To hear, see and know what His Father had in His heart, He had to spend quality time with Him. His time with God did not just focus on Him bringing a long prayer list to the table, I believe it centred heavily on personal, one on one, intimate encounters of love, rest, admiration, neutering, being still, listening, acknowledging, embracing, receiving, a deeper knowing and understanding of the characterises of God and His deep compassionate love for Him. It was such encounters that enabled Him to trust His father and at the pinnacle of His purpose, when all had forsaken Him and He was alone, it was such encounters that empowered Him to say, “Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.” It was such encounters that pulled Him away from the busyness of life to gravitating to time with His Father in quiet places. It was such encounters that consumed His thirst and hunger for more time with Him and it was such encounters that made living a supernatural life, in a natural world possible.

When we neglect following Jesus example, not only are we neglecting all the above and more, we are saying we can manage without it, we are saying we can manage, where Jesus could not, we are being blinded by the enemy and robbed of a crucial part of our relationship with God.

Everything we do in our daily lives is affected by time and often the thing that suffers the most is our time alone with God.

GRG Retreats, are not packed with numerous speakers and sessions to attend, neither are they casual breaks to recharge one’s batteries. GRG Retreats are designed specifically for individuals to come away to a quiet place, to stop, slow down, rest, eat, pray, read, be still and encounter God on His terms with no interruptions. It is about God meeting you, not you meeting God. You could call it a Spiritual Spa!

Other than breakfast lunch and dinner, God sets the agenda. We start the day by meeting for early morning quiet prayer and praise at 5am to a backdrop of instrumental prophetic soaking music Each day there are a few hours of teaching, all of which is subject to change as the Spirits leads.  Attendees are encouraged to make use of their time and surroundings by leaving all forms of social media behind and limit personal phone calls. We ask that unless you have young children at home or in the case of an emergency you refrain from using your phone. This is God’s time, it is Him saying “finally I have you all to myself, let’s go away and rest awhile. Take my hand and allow Me to lead you, to lay you down beside still waters, to restore your soul. To be intimate and do all the things I long to do with you but cannot because of time. The GRG Experience is designed to create an inner thirst for intimacy with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A thirst that will leave you constantly craving more. A thirst that will ensure you seeking God with your whole heart, and as He promised finding Him waiting with open arms to pour out His spirit to your individual needs.

I cannot express the benefits of this experience enough.

The retreats are open to married couples and unmarried male and females and I love the way Father is drawing the men to theses retreats, their testimonies are so encouraging.

Retreat Reviews

“GRG provoked me in a good way to pursue God more than I did before. It became an addiction to rise early in the morning and or in the cool of the day and it’s now become as natural as breathing, such has been the impact of GRG on my life. It’s absolutely amazing.” – Lesley Edwards, London U.K.

“The retreat served its purpose based on the title, ‘God’s Romantic Getaway.’ Honestly, I cannot describe how I feel, but I know I have been restored to my first love, Abba Father.” – Daniel London UK

Other than short DVD’s and Christian based films there is no TV, and we ask that you refrain from the use of social media and limit any calls to a minimum.

Saturday, September 30th to  Saturday, October 7th, 2017

Accommodation, Travel, Prices and Payment
The prices quoted are all inclusive, 7 nights accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner provided by your personal chef and luxury coach travel to and from Capel Dinorwig. Capel Dinorwig is a stunning converted chapel in North Wales nestled within the Snowdonia National Park. This stunning accommodation is surrounded by mountains, beautiful countryside and the foothills of Elidir Fawr for you to make use of on private walks with breath-taking views. The interior provides the perfect setting for peace, quiet and tranquillity, while the views will hold you spellbound. It even houses its own private sauna!

Twin room with en-suite room £435 per person

Twin rooms sharing a bathroom £399 per person

Super king-size double room with en-suite £580 for the room. *If a married couple share this room, please note an additional £120 needs to be added, to cover food and transportation.

Double room with en-suite, £550. *If a married couple share this room, please note an additional £120 needs to be added, to cover food and transportation.

We do offer a payment plan. A 50% deposit made payable by July 20th, 2017 will secure your place and balance can be paid in instalments no later than August 31st, 2017. For details on how to make payment and secure your place, email  or call Jemma on 07956455485.

As your host, I look forward to the pleasure of your company on this amazing retreat and know without a doubt you will not only be blessed but totally transformed to a new way of life, and become somewhat addicted to frequently residing to the solitary place, which is precisely as God intended it to be.

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