Years ago I was given a book to read, that I must confess to never reading. The book was called Healing for Damaged Emotions, don’t ask me who the author was because I have no idea. After numerous lengthy conversations with a friend, she handed me the book and concluded the many hurts and painful stories I was sharing stemmed from my damaged emotions. I agreed but after looking at the thick fine printed manuscript that looked like far to much work to read, I opted to do things my way, which was to do nothing.

Year’s later I would come to realise that I was a walking wounded, walking around with wounded wounds, living a life full of infected lies, breathing and birthing my infected life. If you had asked me if I had faith in God, believed in Him and listened to Him, I would have said yes, after all, I had taken numerous steps of faith and proved His faithfulness in them all. But when God asked me why I wouldn’t let Him heal my heart, I was puzzled, indignant, proud and stubborn. Though I asked Him what He meant, I was convinced I had taken all the necessary steps to seek restoration and healing from my past through prayer, forgiveness and my daily Christian walk. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the deep open heart surgery Father would undertake in my life and the numerous trips we would take together as we traveled back into my past where He revealed things from His perspective, shedding much needed spiritual insights and truths on the most hurtful parts of my past.

This remarkable journey has transformed my life in many ways and given me the much-needed power required to overcome the negative impacts of my past. Last year when God gave me specific instructions to host an emotional healing retreat, I thought nothing of it. Then He started taking me on one of the most remarkable emotional healing journeys of my life, Through our intimate encounters He first exposed me to the numerous curses on my life that I am pleased to say have now been broken and the physical manifestations seen. But more precious, more powerful, more breathtaking have been our journeys into my past together, where gently taking me by the hand He has led me back to some of the most painful moments and incidents and talked me through the events, pointing out what was happening, where He was and His role in the entire process at the time. Both the experience and the emotional healing process has been profound and I look forward to sharing with you as you embark on your own journey on the retreat.

Far too many of us are walking around emotionally scared, living our Christian walk with unhealed, untreated emotional scar tissue and Father is saying “No more.” If you know you are affected by things from your past, controlled by areas you feel are too painful to revisit, areas that knowing and unknowingly affect your thinking, actions, and emotions, it is very, very likely you are being controlled by damaged emotions. Emotions and personality traits you have accepted as part of who you are. If you would like to be free from this bondage and receive powerful spiritual insights that will strengthen your intimate relationship with God, I invite you to join us in August for the GRG Emotional Healing Retreat in conjunction with workers and qualified Christian counselors from Loving Loss. You will be AMAZED by what God will show you and release you from and the power and healing received. I cannot wait to spend the week with you, sharing, pampering and fellowshipping with you in the presence of our King. This truly will be a special time for you, I am living proof!

The Retreat

Dates: August 17th to August 24th, 2018

Prices and Payments: Prices start from £525 per person and fully inclusive of executive travel to and from the venue, accommodation, and food. *Rooms are luxury twin rooms. Secure your place with a £100 deposit by and additional payments at your leisure thereafter. All monies must be paid by July 31st. To book your place, email


Lee House, Peak District, This beautifully converted barn is situated in the rural delights of Cheddleton, offering the perfect backdrop for a spiritual healing retreat. Prepare to be pampered and spoilt in Father’s presence as He gently leads you beside still waters to minister to you intimately and personally. The retreat will host no more than 19 people so you will have plenty of space as well as time to be alone after sessions to digest and reflect on your healing sessions.

What to Expect?

If you have never attended a GRG Retreat before, you are in for a wonderful treat and amazing life-transforming experience. Your 7-night stay will be filled with much love, comfort, and warmth from the staff, host, and attendees alike. Many deep and long-lasting friendships have been birthed from the retreats, alongside many deep, wonderful, breathtaking encounters with God that will leave you wanting more, more, more…

We look forward to seeing you in August