Spiritual Intimacy With God

Spiritual Intimacy, who can access it?

Anyone can access and experience intimacy with God. You do not have to be super-spiritual, but you do have to have a willing heart, a desire to pursue Him, discipline, and patience, all of which are developed in the pursuit and I am here to help you with. Don’t worry about the faith, this will increase along the way. For now, just come as you are

It is my desire and mission to bring greater awareness of how accessible spiritual intimacy with God is and its necessity in our lives. To help and support individuals who struggle to find the time, place, and space to be alone with God. To further assist those who battle with disruptive thoughts that cause a disturbance, frustration, and disappointments while trying to Be Still. To guide those who feel nervous and doubtful about being alone with God, what to do, what to say, how to listen, recognise His voice, and embrace the intimacy.

Spiritual Intimacy is one of the most beautiful things we will ever experience in our relationship with God, it is the practice of drawing nearer and becoming one with Him, encountering His embrace, speaking, listening and understanding His directives, being in communication with the Holy Spirt and sensitive to His leadership. It is investing in your personal relationship with God and benefiting from it just as you do in your everyday relationships.

I’m here to help and guide you step by step in a safe place and space through the practices required to Be Still and know God better because I was once you

Welcome, to your safe place and space.

At One With God

In 2011, I embarked on a trip that saved and changed my life. At the time I had been a Christian for 29 years and thought I knew all there was to know about being in a relationship with God, which was discouraging because as close as I was with Him, something was still missing.

At the peak of my battle with depression, I went in search of that something, and what I was looking for found me. I had given God something He loved and craved, my time. Finally, He had me all to Himself. During our time together I was exposed to intimate sides of His nature that totally transformed my life. The two-month trip from start to finish was filled with supernatural encounters, conversations, and a deep sense of love I had never before experienced.  it was like being on a romantic getaway with God.

When I say God was with me, I’m not referring to His omnipresent state, I mean He was literally with me, speaking, touching, and interacting with me tangibly, clear, precise, and real as me speaking with you. God’s overwhelming presence was as perceptible as if He were standing beside me. In my 29 years of being a Christian, I had never encountered anything like it. What I learnt on that trip about intimacy with God, came directly from Him, the likes of which have been documented in my book “God’s Romantic Getaway.” The book earned its title from the many encounters we shared, the way He made me feel, and the only way in which I could describe my experiences.

Intimacy with God goes beyond church, beyond prayer meetings, bible study and even your scheduled devotionals. In-to-me-see with God is the joining of two hearts, two wills, two minds, two spirits, and two beings all becoming one. It is the place where you and God become an inseparable bond.  In-to-me-see with God involves coming away and joining with. Coming away from all life offers and joining with all heaven brings. It involves letting go of everything you know about God and embracing a realm of unknown stillness that runs deep, penetrating unfamiliar areas of your inner being. Intimacy with God requires quiet rest, the laying down of your best efforts and in quiet trust finding, entering and becoming submerged in an embrace that is supernatural and real.

Sound amazing? I’m here to show you how to achieve and experience this in your daily lives.

Intimacy with God is a lifestyle choice

True Intimacy with God is the essence of Psalm 46:10 “Be Still and Know that I am God.” It beckons one to enter a place of rest in complete and utter surrender. Once experienced this level of spiritual intimacy ignites an unquenchable thirst for frequent returns Their encounters bringing joy and strength to silence, solitude and stillness.

Much strength is gleaned in the secret of doing nothing,
the secret of being still and silent. You begin to see how
much of your time with God is ‘you orientated and how
much is ‘God orientated’. You begin to recognise the
world’s distractive traits, catch yourself and dismiss them.
You become aware of the importance of listening to God,
as opposed to just talking at Him and the more you yearn
to hear from Him, the more you learn to Be Still and do
God’s Romantic Getaway

Biblical teachings on Spiritual Intimacy

There are some things in the bible that are clear and some that make more sense once experienced. Intimacy with God I believe is one of them.

Then Jesus said let us go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest Mk 6:31

In the busyness of a hectic workday, Jesus stopped, turned to His disciples and suggested they all go off together to a quiet place and rest, I love that. He was busier than any of us, so we have no excuse. He wasn’t afraid to stop and frequently retire to quiet places to be alone with God, when was the last time you followed His example and how often do you imp;iment this practice?

“Let us go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest.” When you think of lovers going off to a quiet place, you think of romance, quality time together, intimate conversations and more. When you think about going off to a quiet place with God, the expectations are not dissimilar.

In my first book, God’s Romantic Getaway I share many of the conversations between God and myself and the encounters we shared, when He finally got me to Himself, away from life’s distractions and demands. Intimacy with God is not so much about us spending time with God as it is God spending time with us. We see this in the many conversations Jesus had with His disciples away from the crowds, where they questioned Him on unexplainable things, a clear example of what happens when we choose to draw closer to God.

Jesus relationship with His disciples was intimate, yet within that intimate circle was a smaller circle of disciples with whom He experienced deeper depths of intimacy. God is willing to go as deep as you are willing to burrow when it comes to spiritual intimacy with His dearly beloved children.

“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you” James 4:8

In the Old Testament Moses time with God on Mount Sinai, away from the crowded nation of Israel is a clear indication of the effects of intimate time alone with God. God called Moses His friend, He spoke with him face to face. I don’t believe this to mean that Moses literally saw God’s face, we know this because in Exodus 33:19-20 God tells Moses no one can see His face and live. Therefore, I believe the expression of speaking to God face to face as one speaks to a friend is significant with the level of intimacy Moses experienced with God. I hold strong to this belief due to the depth of intimate encounters and conversations I have when I take time out to be alone with Him.

The deeper the spiritual intimacy, the closer we get to God, the more His fragrance and character become a part of our everyday character. In the case of God and Moses relationship, each time Moses returned from their secluded time together his face shone so bright he had to wear a veil.

When was the last time you departed from God’s presence and the evidence was written all over your face?
Such encounters and their effects are not limited to men and women in the bible but available to us too

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