Escape To Spiritual Intimacy: The Spiritual Spa For The Soul

When it comes to spending time with God, most people identify it with church and prayer. For most, time with God equates to them seeking Him for some form of blessing or answer to prayer. But there is more to having a personal relationship with God than attending church, prayer meetings, conferences, workshops, bible study and the like.

Just as our physical relationships require intimacy in order for them to thrive, so too our relationship with God. But how is that possible when we cannot see, touch or embrace God physically? What does it mean to be intimate with God and how do we obtain it?

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed
Mk 1:35
(Picture taken on my early morning devotional quiet time)

Early in the morning, before the day began, while it was still dark, at a time when there were fewer distractions than we have today, Jesus, the son of God, sought intimacy with God the Father above everything He did. Do you follow Jesus example or does your daily schedule determine how and when you spend intimate, one on one time alone with God?

But Jesus would often go to some place where he could be alone and pray.
Luke 5:16
(Picture taken on GRG 2017 Winter Retreat – Early morning time alone with God)

How do you maintain intimacy in your relationship with God? Is it a priority? If Jesus was unwilling to live without it, how can we survive without it?

That longing deep within that we keep shutting down in favor of whatever our mind tells us is more pressing or important, is your spirit crying out for more than you are presently feeding it. It takes commitment and discipline to pursue intimacy with God, the most important part of our relationship with God our Father

And He said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.” (For there were many people coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat.)
Mk 6:31

Cost & Benefits

When it comes to drawing closer to God there is always a cost. Be it time or money or both, the loss of friends, being misunderstood or not fitting in, there is always a cost.

Jesus gave up His life for us, what are you willing to sacrifice for God? In order to hear God’s still small voice, we need to remove ourselves from the surroundings our flesh thrives in. The distractions, the noise, the clutter. These are all the things our flesh thrives on. If I could take the experience of intimacy with God, bottle it up and sell it, I would be a millionaire. It is breathtakingly priceless, which is why our flesh fights us on every hand, steering us in the opposite direction.


I had been a Christian for 29 years. I was close to God and rose early every morning to spend time with Him, but I had followed Jesus example or retiring to a quiet place to be alone with Him. My sacrifice was 2 months of unpaid leave from work, nothing compared to what I received. That time with God changed and saved what I believed was an already saved life. I had no idea such levels of spiritual intimacy with God existed because I had never removed myself from surrounding long enough to find out.

Lost for words, the entire experience could only be summed up as God’s Romantic Getaway. Since my experience and the publication of my book, I have gone on to host the GRG 7 Day Retreats, which have become a lifeline to many seasoned and young believers, as well as those searching for the meaning to life, those hungry for God, or the weary soul in need of spiritual rest, healing and intimacy.

Why 7 Days?

Most retreats run from Friday evening to Sunday morning, allowing you one whole day, one evening and one morning to receive as much as you can before quickly returning back to your fast-paced life, with little or no time to digest what has been received or even rest. On a GRG Retreat, we take things at God’s pace. Your first few days will be spent sleeping as your body rests, preparing you to hear from God refreshed and energised. Your time with Him will be very intimate and personal, like nothing you have ever experienced before, that I am confident of. As the week goes on, not only will you hear God speak clearly and precisely, your time with Him will cause immediate changes to your mind, body soul and faith walk. prepare to be wowed, by Gods overwhelming presence.

Open to both young, old, married and unmarried, ministers, male and female, the Retreat will take place from Friday, February 14th – Friday, February 21st, 2020 and is fully inclusive of the following:

  • Return travel from London to Cornwall
  • Comfortable Luxury Accommodation
  • Food – Organic menu provided by a private chef (recipe pdf available)
  • Healthy Eating/Juicing Plan
  • Prayer Massage Therapy
  • Physical Fitness Therapy
  • Early Morning Prayer Soaking Sessions
  • How to pursue and maintain intimacy with God, what it looks like and its relevance in today’s world Intimacy Workshop
  • The cost of intimacy with God Workshop
  • Solitude & Silence Sessions (Mastering the art of being still & listening)
  • Personal Gift Bag
  • Unlimited time alone with God
  • Fellowship with others
The Main House, a short walk for the Harbour

Held in the picturesque village of Mevagissey, Cornwall The grand house Polpier is positioned alongside its sister house Penpol, a quaint Garden House, hidden away in its own section of the garden and the Honeymoon quarters, a self-contained private unit adjacent to the main house, all beautifully laid out in 2 acres of grounds with countryside additions such as a greenhouse loaded with homegrown fruit and vegetables and a stunning herb garden all of which guests will sample throughout the week in their home-cooked meals provided by the private chef.

The 7 days offer the perfect amount of time for your bodies to unwind and your mind to come to a place of rest with no distractions allowing you to heal and hear from God intimately. Regardless of where you are in your spiritual walk, quiet rest and intimacy with God is something we all need on a regular basis.

Views from within the grounds
Views From The Garden

We have a mixture of twin and double rooms, all, en-suite, fished to the highest standards ensuring your stay is comfortable and peaceful.

The Green Bedroom
Communal Area Penpol
Main Dining Area
Recreation Area

The Retreat

The purpose of the retreat is to encourage attendees to escape from the busy distractions of life as directed by Jesus in Mark 6:31 to a place where they can focus on their intimate love relationship with God and spiritual well-being, restoring mind, body, and soul, promoting physical, emotional and spiritual rest.

Coming away from the busyness of a life heavily impacted by a non-stop schedule is crucial for our emotional spiritual, physical and mental well-being, all of which impact our relationship with God. Many of us take care of our physical body through exercise, eating, and personal hygiene which promotes good mental health and emotional stamina. We take vacations that promote rest, but what about your soul, your spirit, your intimate relationship with God? How do you invest in the most important part of who you are? Nurturing our spirit, allows all our bodily elements to come into alignment with God through spiritual intimacy.


What To Expect

Expect to be moved from a place of physical into the supernatural. The week will transform your life if you allow it to. It will impact your daily spiritual walk, enabling you to hear God clearly in a busy world and deepen your intimate relationship with Him leading to a closer meaningful relationship. It will heighten the voice of the Holy Spirit and strengthening your spiritual senses which is crucial for your spiritual wellbeing.

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En suite Double Room – This room is suitable for married couples or a single person wanting their own privacy. £950 Please note if 2 people occupy this room a £100 supplement is added

En suite Twin room – This room is suitable for 2 people sharing with separate beds. £750 per person

To secure your place please email A £250 deposit will secure your place, followed by a workable payment plan. All monies must be paid by January 30th, 2020.

For more information


Tele: 07956 466485