Are you at ONE with God in your daily life?  Do your thoughts and actions line up with God’s thoughts and plans for you?
Are you confident in the plans God has for you?
One of the ways we become ONE with God is through spiritual intimacy.

Do you experience daily intimacy with God?  Daily intimacy requires learning and practising how to be still, recognise, listen to the voice of God and spending regular time with Him.

Is this something you do regularly?

Do you struggle to find the time, place and space to be still and gain clarity with limited distractions so your thoughts and actions can align with God’s thoughts and plans towards you?

God’s Romantic Getaway Days offer a safe place and space as well as teaching and support to help you shut down mental, emotional, and physical distractions in order to connect with God intimately and hear with clarity and precision what He wants to share with you.

Learn how to:

    • Identify, Manage and position your thoughts
    • Synchronize your thoughts and actions with God thoughts and actions
    • Tune in to the voice and direction of The Holy Spirit
    • Become one with God
    • Lunch and all-day refreshments included

A Day Centred on learning, practising and experiencing spiritual intimacy and being at ONE with God

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