God’s Romantic Getaway Retreat 2016
A Heart for Intimacy Transformed in the Potter’s Hands

As I begin to absorb God, His words and His presence, I find myself being introduced to new aspects of worship and retreat2016wonder what life would be like if I continually dwelt in the secret place of the God most High. I also find myself wondering how God manages to reveal my thoughts and their origin and answer questions without me uttering one word. Could it be that here, subdued in the presence of the most High, He has become the potter and I have finally become the clay?

This year God’s Romantic Getaway will host its second retreat in the idyllic setting of North Wales Tanat Valley.  Keeping in line with the vision He placed on my heart and the blueprint He so beautifully handed to me, we will embark on 7 days of secluded quietness, resting and waiting in His presence as He takes the lead exposing us to what He calls intimacy. I urge you to come expecting, with no agenda.

When I first encountered God’s romantic side, I was blown away. Who ever heard of God being romantic? The atmosphere of love, His pure Agape love was so strong you could touch it, it consumed every inch of my entire being and drew out my thoughts without me uttering one word. Not only did He engulf me in His love, I’d never been in a place where God spoke to me as much as He did on that trip. God had a lot to say, and I was ready to listen, and from that time back in 2011, my life has been and continues to be transformed by the intimacy we share in the quiet place.

It is breathtaking!! Worship, stillness, quietness, solitude and rest

God’s Romantic Getaway Retreats are centered around intimacy between individuals and God. Other than breakfast lunch and dinner, there is no set agenda. We meet for early morning prayer and praise at 5am, followed by breakfast. Throughout the day there is a short time of teaching as Jemma shares aspects of her own journey’s pursuit for intimacy with God, her experiences and the importance of such times with Him, including the challenges it can pose.

Attendees are encouraged to make use of their surroundings by leaving all forms of social media behind and limit personal phone calls. We ask that unless you have young children at home or in the case of an emergency you refrain from using your phone.

The retreat is designed to create an inner thirst for intimacy with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A thirst that will leave you constantly craving more. A thirst that will usher you into the Secret Place and directly into the Potter’s Hands. If this is something that you would like to experience or desire, we invite you to join us on this year’s retreat. There are so many things in life that place a strain on the time we desire to spend with God, but God’s Romantic Getaway Retreat gives you the opportunity stop, be still and sit with your heavenly Father as He he feeds your body, mind and spirit at His leisure.

The retreat is open to married couple, singles, male and female.

9th September – 16th September

Rest is an important part of encountering God on His schedule, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking lots of naps. My first few days on my retreats are often spent sleeping, followed by more sleeping.

* Breakfast will be served between 9am-10am
* Lunch 1pm-2pm
* Dinner 6.45pm

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be catered for by chef, Jemma Regis and members of the GRG staff,  with dinner being a time of fellowship over a soulful meal. This will be followed by a short time of devotional sharing led by Jemma, this will also be a time for members of the group to share what is on their hearts, should they wish to. Other than that your time is your own. Because this is about individuals spending quality time with God, if you are unable to join us for any of the meals at the times specified, we will cater around your needs.

Other than short DVD’s and possibly a Christian film there will be no TV, and we ask that you refrain from the use of social media and limit any calls to a minimum.

Requirements Before The Retreat
It is important that we prepare ourselves to come into God’s presence, and due to the nature of the retreat attendees are asked to fast for a period of 14 or 7 days. We ask that your fast ends a few days or the day before you arrive.

Why fast? Fasting is a form of consecration that draws us nearer to God. It involves denying self and seeking God. By fasting you would have fulfilled your part of preparing to enter the throne room. By turning up your are handing the reigns over to God. The aim is, having completed your fast, by the time you arrive and have rested for a few days, God will have your full attention and you, His

Why seven days?
My longest sabbatical lasted 3 months, my shortest retreat 7 days, but whether 3 months or 7 days after spending time with God in solitude, silence and rest I feel we do both ourselves and God an injustice by restricting or time to the usual 2-3 day retreats that we try to fit into our busy lifestyles. We leave work, we turn up attend meeting after meeting then return home and back to work with no time to stop, listen, digest, contemplate, absorb, adjust and put into action what Father is saying to us. Seven days or more are important because when we get alone with God we come fatigued and tired in need of rest and time to disengage from any attachments back home. And without that rest for our flesh and spirit, total surrender and hearing from God can be challenging. Retreats that last 7 days or more allows us time to rest in God’s presence, prior to entering an even more relaxed time of praying, reading, reflection, listening and being still with plenty of time to enjoy and digest. We are the ones that need to let go and come before God ready to receive, so the seven days is for our benefit, not His. –

This year we will be staying in a spacious, detached barn conversion, set in rolling countryside on the slopes of Glan Hafon in the Tanat Valley, two miles from the village of Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant and fifteen miles west of Oswestry, with delightful views  and doorstep paths that lead out into unspoilt countryside and into the nearby village where you can visit the scenic waterfalls. There is plenty of space for you to relax and get much needed quiet time and for those who desire to unwind a little more, feel free to make use of the hot tub. For more information on the accommodation click here. – Castell Courtyard

Prices are per room and are inclusive of meal. Where 2 people are sharing a king size, double or family room an additional cost of £50 per extra person sharing is required to cover the cost of their meals.

* King-size double with en-suite £355
* Double with en-suite £335
* Twin room shared bathroom £180 per person
* Family room (1 king-size double and 1 single) with en-suite £365
* Family room (1 king-size double and 1 single) £310
* King-size double separate shower room (not shared) , £355

To secure your place with a £50 deposit contact Jemma Regis via email inspiration@grgexperience.com or 07956466485
Balance must be paid by Friday June 26th 2016

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