Is there ever a good time to take time out? Does time just wait around as you find things to fill it with? Or are you constantly fighting to find and make time to fit everything in?

Most events organised within the church are dominated by the attendance of single females or married females without their spouses. However we were blessed with the company of two married couples on last year’s God’s Romantic Getaway Retreat, and here is what they had to say about it.

This was definitely the wrong time to go on a retreat for 7 days. We had just moved into our new house 2 weeks prior and it seemed totally illogical to leave the children in a new neighbourhood, away from all they had known for years, with their grandmother who is not from the UK and also needed to find her way around. Yet we decided to go away for a WHOLE week- No phone, no email, no social media- life just left behind on a pause button.

Did we need it, though?

The buying process and life, in general, had led us to function rather than live for those past few months and it was time to stop. To take stock of what we had just accomplished, find ourselves again as individuals and as a couple. To sit still in the presence of God and just BREATHE. To listen to His heart and His mighty and great plans for this new season of our lives. To rediscover each other, in Christ, as a couple.

The beautiful surroundings, the opportunities of enjoying solitude while participating in  fellowship when we wanted to, the openness of the group and the pace of the Holy Spirit were just a few of the greatest pleasures we had during that retreat.

Renewal of mind, spirit and body before starting our new journey…

This was definitely the perfect time to go on a retreat.  Abel & Jeanne Ekpitini

Last year I went to Tan Lann on a romantic getaway with My Lord and my husband.

It was a difficult time for us. Well mostly for me. Thinking about it I can’t even remember what I was upset about but I was very emotional and it caused me to seriously think about not attending the retreat. I was unable to fast as instructed and I definitely was not praying with my husband.

On arrival at the retreat, it was a beautiful sight to behold. It was a proper hideaway. Green fields, trees, spring waters ect…

The married couples had their own house and my husband and I had the smallest en suite room. I don’t do small rooms and in comparison to the other rooms in both houses, it was small! But God had a plan. I would safely say that from start to finish Father was in control. He was able to strip every thought or precept. Every past and the present issue I was not letting go of, or thought I had dealt with. Father was on the case and in spite of emotions or lack of it, my husband and I learned to communicate correctly. We were able to be open and honest and to trust each other. We were even able to laugh together.

The prayer sessions were on point. We all were able to pray for each other and intercede. Give words of knowledge, prophecy and show comfort and support in practical ways. We broke bread together, cooked together. I saw changes in others and saw gifts unfold. The journey helped us to hear from God in our quiet times, to take time out and give God our firstfruits and use the experience as a daily reminder when we returned to London.

Six months after Tan Lann the early Morning Prayer time is still important and although I don’t get up to prayer 4am every morning my walk with Father is deeper. The relationship with my husband is better. Things are dealt with instantly. I try not to be too emotional and I look to the Father for guidance and He always sees us through. It is a daily renewal. A lifestyle choice. No turning back.

Regardless of who you are. You may be a prayer warrior, Evangelist, Intercessor.  Can speak in marvelous tongues and be the most confident person in your Christian walk. However, if you’re going to meet with Our Father on this retreat, don’t go with any ideas of what you want, go willing and open to listen, do the will of Papa and He will do the rest.

A Thankful Couple

For more information on the retreat and how to book your place click on the link below

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