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GRG Experience Away Day Intimacy With God Made Simple. Intimacy with God is accessible to every believer.  GRG Away Day offers a safe place and space for believers to practice being alone with God with step-by-step guidance on How to find and secure your quiet place and space with God. How to eliminate external and internal distractions. How to recognise God’s voice and activity in your life with clarity and confidence. How to protect your time, place, and space with…

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@AnuOmideyi Merry Christmas beautiful x3 months
Thinking about 2023 HARD.... months
Help me raise £2000 to Help struggling families and individuals affected by my mental health with special Christmas… months
Been a while , actually been forever since I tweeted but I'm here to say this 😍😍 months
Been dormant for far too long and it's not like I don't have lots to say, share or offer. Do you ever feel overwhel… months
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