Is there ever a good time to take time out? Does time just wait around as you find things to
So often I hear people talking of their struggle to be still before God, or the fact that they felt
Not too long ago a friend of mine was burgled. They had left home one Sunday morning to attend the
Many of us are going for gold, and aiming at gold with a HUGE but attached to us. Came across
I’ve been trying to get this blog released for well over a month, whilst trying to take in its contents
The God’s Romantic Getaway Retreat – Know His Power in Quietness and Rest In the busyness of life we struggle
I probably don’t need to ask because I think everyone reading this at some point has asked God the When,
So I've just completed chapter four in my new book A Precious stone. The chapter is called A Constant Reminder.
They say honestly is the best policy, so I’ll be honest. I wish there was a way I could articulate
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